We’ve Got Lots to Offer

  • Fitness

    We have a variety of different Cardiovascular equipment including Assault Bikes, Cross Trainers, Bikes, Steppers, Rowers & Treadmills. All that will include a full induction on when you first visit No Limits Gym.

  • Resistance

    Our weights room includes a Power-Rack, Smith-Machine, Bench Press, Hex/Trap Bar, Cable Machine, Dip Station and various free-weights. We also have a full range of Resistance Machines & Kettlebells on our first floor. You will also be inducted on how to use these effectively and safely prior to starting your fitness programme.

  • Personal Training

    If you’re looking for great results in minimum time then why not book yourself in with one of our Personal Trainers for a 1-2-1 session.

    All sessions are tailored to you and your goals and a great emphasis is made on your progression whislt keeping you motivated and on track. An effective way to get you those results!

    (PT fee applies)

  • Dance Studio

    Fully equipped dance studio

  • Spinning Bikes

    Take a ‘spin’ and take part in our ever popular Spinning classes! Great fun, enjoyable and super way to get fit…

  • Tanning Booth

    Work on your Tan on our stand-up Sunbed, available to non-members too! 3-6-9 or 12 minutes OR alternatively pick up a block booking at a discounted price. Call 01434 600999 for more info…

  • Sauna

    Relax in our Sauna after a workout and soothe your body whilst having yourself some ‘me time’!